Punto Gofre´s entire philosophy is based on the solid pillars of TOTAL QUALITY, an overarching concept of this term that promotes continuous improvement in the organization and the involvement of all its members, focusing on the internal customer´s satisfaction as well as the the external.

Based on this premise Punto Gofre is constantly implementing the latest quality systems at all stages of the production process, starting with a Quality Control of raw materials used in the production, and inspection of the techniques applied in the processes of manufacture, distribution and after-sales service.

This process does not end here; we have to ensure a continuous level of product quality and services both provided through the Systems Quality Assurance (ISO) implemented by Punto Gofre.

As a result of our concern to provide the best product to our customers we have obtained the highest quality standards in the food sector, those are:  the  BRC Global Standard, UNE-EN ISO 22000 and the IFS Food Standard, and FDA Food and Drug Administration.

We are also certified KOSHER and HALAL.

Recently, Punto Gofre has been certified by AENOR in accordance with the protocol of GLOBAL STANDARD for FOOD SAFETY ISSU 6. This certification emphasizes in good manufacturing practice and is one of the world´s most prestigious certificates.

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ISO-22000 is a norm of the ISO series focused on food; this standard defines and specifies the requirements for developing and implementing a Safety Management System for food, in order to achieve international harmonization allowing a constant improvement of food safety during the course of the entire supply chain.

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IFS Food is a standard recognized by GFSI to audit the quality and food safety processes and products of food businesses. The IFS helps to comply with all legal safety requirements and provides common and transparent standards to all the involved vendors, as well as a concrete and firm response to the high safety expectations of the customers. IFS covers common standards internationally accepted auditing in order to continuously improve the customer´s safety.

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