Punto Gofre has its operative center in the Industrial estate of Las Atalayas placed in the city of Alicante, privileged location beside the main communication routes of the country and near to port and airport, which represents the ideal conditions for the distribution of our products.

These facilities of more than 4500 m2 are dedicated to the whole production process and also the logistics and the administrative offices are the point from where all the actions are coordinated.

The manufacturing plant is equipped with the latest technologies and modern production systems being able to execute a high-volume production capable of widely attend all of our customers demand.

This production capacity is possible because of a modern elaboration system which operates throughout a strong quality and product analysis processes, regulated by ISO 22000, certified by AENOR.


Commitment to the customer. For Punto Gofre  the client is the axis on which  all our  actions turn around. Your satisfaction is the proof of our success.

Commitment to our suppliers. Top quality raw materials and optimal supply channels. The success of the providers as final guarantee of the proper success. Paths  that should run in  parallel and in the same direction.

Commitment to quality and business excellence.  Strong conviction that quality is the only way forward in order  to achieve the pursued purposes. Quality understood at all levels reflected in the excellence of everything we do.

Highly qualified work crew. A professionalized  work team involved in their work, motivated and focused on getting the best products and services for the customer.

Continuous improvement.  Punto Gofre is in a continuous process of adaptation to market needs. We work with new raw materials; and investigate new technologies applied to the different manufacturing processes as well as continuous improvement tests. We adapt to the customers by offering  what they want.

“In Punto Gofre our real passion are our customers, the ones that shows us their loyalty year after year, and all is due to the delicate process of formulation and selection of raw materials”

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