The beginning of Punto Gofre goes back to year 1978, when Henry Juan Monsieur, an entrepreneur of Belgian origin, decides to begin a new life in Alicante. In this city it inaugurates, to the general incredulity of many people, a store that will sell only one product, the "Belgian waffle".

This innovative idea of importing the Belgian waffle recipe to Mediterranean lands explodes with great success, being this cake highly accepted by the public and causing the automatic opening of new establishments in the city and in the county. Its fame expanded over to the “Puerta del Sol” (located in Madrid) itself, where Punto Gofre opens a new store that sold thousands of waffles daily.

This success makes the brand Punto Gofre become a pioneer in the manufacture of waffles beyond the traditional scale, giving rise to the creation of a workshop of 150m2 in the locality of el Campello (Alicante). This workshop also installed the very first dough Waffle freezer.


The 80´s brought the great expansion of the business model through the system  of the franchisee, especially in the Cantabrian coast and Galicia.

The brand Punto Gofre continues his expansion through the 90s making imperative the opening of new facilities of 1100 m2 in the Industrial estate of “Pla de la Vallonga” in Alicante.

Those were years of innovation and therefore introduction of new machinery for the production and packaging of waffles  and also the introduction of something apparently simple but that served to position Punto Gofre as Lighthouse of the sector. We are talking about a pioneering machine that was able to pack chocolate cream in individual sachets.


The presence in fairs and food shows during these years supposed a larger expansion of the business through the contact with new distributors, especially with the largest national food retail chains that have trusted the high quality and service of Punto Gofre throughout all these years .

In 2005 takes place the opening of the current facilities that Punto Gofre has in the Industrial estate of Las Atalayas in Alicante, as a result of the great expansion of the brand in parallel to the high demand for the product.

Nowadays Punto Gofre continues being the leading company of the sector, always betting for those values that have accompanied Punto Gofre throughout its history and expanding horizons into international markets.